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Restoring balance requires experience, committment and dedication to uncovering the root that causes imbalance. We will diagnose and ask that you engage to making behavior modifications and lifestyle changes. We care and we are invested in your success and want to give you the level of support that works best for you.

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The Therapies we offer
in our Wellness Center

  • Addictions to tobacco, food, sweets, etc.
  • Pain in joints, neck, spine, feet, arms, hands, etc.
  • Nervousness, Changes in mood, difficulties with sleep, Anxiety, Sadness, Melancholy, Inapetences
  • Difficulty to achieve pregnancy, both natural and assisted.
  • Pains, Advances or menstrual delays.
  • Hormones imbalance.
  • Intolerances and Allergies.
  • Overweight.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Etc.
Facials & Skin
Massage Therapy


your first appointment

Balance Assessment

Your return to health and wellness begins with a 90-minute consultation with our Founder, Gemma Figueras that includes a full health history and lifestyle review and goal setting.  From this, we will design together the appropriate path and treatments will be take to regain our balance and wellness back.

A tailored and customized treatment in where we will balance your heart, body and mind.

You are unique, and so is so your treatment.

 This program will include an initial round of recommendations to jumpstart your body’s natural recovery process. Your personal treatment plan may include:

  • Herbal supplements
  • Natural hormone replacement therapy
  • Quantum Therapy, acupuncture, mesotherapy, chromotherapy,etc.

Within 2-3 weeks of starting your initial treatment, you will check in with Gemma Figueras to adjust and optimize your progress. She will assess where you are and determine what the next steps are.


Qi Ji Shen

Jing Qi Shen Qi Shen (精氣神) are three Chinese terms commonly used in Daoism and related studies to refer to the processes that govern spiritual and physical health. Jing (精) means an essence, qi(氣) breath energy and shen (神) a divine or human spirit. They are often referred to as the “Three Treasures” or “Three Jewels”. “Jing Qi Shen” are theoretical cornerstones in traditional Chinese medicine. 

your health is your wealth




  • Spa Packages  —  Starting at €85
  • Facial  — 25
  • Pedicure  — 35
  • Manicure  — 35
  • Full Body Massage  — 60
  • Couples Massage  —  Starting at €120


Regain, Harmony & Wellness

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The transformative power of relaxation lasts far beyond the spa experience itself. Contact us  to get the best treatments in the city. We blend chinese medicine with the most modern technology to achieve powerful results. We embrace advanced technology, natural luxurious ingredients and internationally-inspired wellness rituals to provide a range of exceptional treatments.

The epitome of relaxation and healing.
The chance to lie back, drift off and
let us ease away the day.
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