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“Every living thing is affected by its environment, physically and emotionally. Human beings retain impressions of all that happens to us on our journey from life to death. Some of these impressions are heightened, if they were particularly positive or negative, some are hidden deep in our subconscious; every human being is affected by every one of their experiences and by the total sum of them all.”

– Charlie Ryrie, “The Healing Energies of Water”




About GEmma

From the young age of 14 years old, I worked as a swimwear and lingerie model; my career was thriving and joyful.
Just like the one you imagine: traveling all over the world, living in different cities, getting to know amazing people…

Until the day an event changed my life journey forever…

My own healing journey has been a long one. Some of the tools I use here today are therapies that have had a profound impact on my health. I have found great healing from my own illnesses (cancer, cysts, weight gain, etc.), with the help of these modalities and great therapists.

My modelling career was over and yet my true passion and mission were just started.

After years of studies, I know help people offering my experience and wisdom gained to find the path back to harmonize the wellness.

I also teach and mentor future practitioners in different schools and academies.

I meet each person with compassionate non-judgemental presence and developing a therapeutic relationship in which my clients feel safe, seen, heard and held. I feel deeply grateful to walk along the healing journey with you, bringing all the tools I have picked up along the way help to help your regain balance, wellness and harmony.

I will be honoured to help you redefine your health
and feel well again.





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